Welcome to the official alumni home of Wiesbaden High School. Whether the school was called WHS or General H. H. Arnold during your time in Wiesbaden, it is still the common bond that links us together and tethers us to some of our fondest memories.

We're glad you found your way here. Your Alumni Association has a proud and rich history of uniting long-lost friends, classmates and faculty. Before networking sites became commonplace, we were here, sending out letters, emails and invitations to help classmates reach out and find the people they miss from their youth. And we're still at it, working along side other sites to unite as many Warriors as possible. We are the mothership - where it all started and where it continues. We hope you'll continue to come by for a quick visit, to stay in touch with the main hub of Warrior activity.

Update, 6/12/12: We've rolled out some new member options - check them out! And in the coming months we'll be adding functionality to the site, so please do check back. We've also amped up the alumni newsletter, the 'Warrior Gazette' - it's packed full of shout outs, fun factoids, contests, trips down memory lane and much more. Throw some love in the pot and get your copy!
Lyn Baskett Fort
President, WHS Alumni Association
Class of '76