Billy 'Bear' Harvey, Jr.

Billy 'Bear' Harvey, Jr.

Billy Harvey Jr, 44, of Magee, Mississippi passed away Monday, September 9, 2013.  He was born on Novemeber 26, 1968 to the late parents of Melba Legg Harvey and Billy Harvey Sr. He is survived by his wife, Angela Fry Harvey and one daughter, Jade Harvey,  both of Magee, MS.

Graveside services will be held Saturday, September 14, 2013, at 11:00 am at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Daughter, Jade with her dad, Billy.

Bear with Pop at Pam Pam's in Wiesbaden.

Bear in the halls of HH Arnold High School.

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Below is the interaction within the Warrior community while Billy was hopsitalized and leading up to his passing...

Angela Fry Harvey:
26 August 2013 · I am sorry I have not updated in a while... Bear is now in the Hospital at Forrest General in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He had a major stroke. They found blood clots in his lungs on Thursday last week and had to start him on a blood thinner, this is a major risk but has to be done so he can breathe. Jade & I stayed at the hospital Thursday till yesterday afternoon. He sleeps constantly and is on a feeding tube, he will more than likely go into a nursing home. He occansionally opens his eyes but we are not sure if he recognizes us. If you have any questions you can call me at home (***-***-****) I'll be here today.. Jade had to get back to school.

Michael Richlie: So sad i am all chocked up, please send my blessings.

Felicia Stroud Barela: This is awful news. I hope he continues to improve. love and prayers.

Dawn Pitman-madigan: Sending prayers!

Sharon Wallace: sending prayers...thanks for the update. praying for strength for you and Jade as well as for healing for Billy Bear.

Mark Bowler: sorry to here about that hopes and prayers from all of us.

Dawn Cole Richlie: Please give Billy Bear our Love. Prayers to you and your family.

AnnMarie Rorick DelaRosa: Prayers for him and the family.

Lori A. O'Day Wiseman: So sad to hear this...prayers for you all.

Angela Fry Harvey: 6 September 2013
I wanted to give all of you an update, he became unresponsive yesterday and he was sent for a CT SCAN. He has a massive bleed in the brain. They explained to me with the clots in the lungs and the bleed in the brain that it was a catch 20. I told them to make him as comfortable as possible. Jade and me came up here last night. I have the home number transferred to my cell call me if you have any questions.......keep us all in your prayers.........Angela

Ann Griffin: Your in my thoughts and prayers my friend

Hal Hap Arnold-WHS Alumni Association: I'm so sorry.

AnnMarie Rorick DelaRosa: I am so sorry to hear that. Billy and the family are in my prayers.

Marcee Swarny: Warrior Hugs and Prayer coming your way!! WLF!

Sonya Greenup: Billy Bear and his family prayer coming your way

James Bailey: this is james bailey i knew billy bear during the pam pam days and i want to send him all the positive energy i can for his recovery

Jade Harvey: Thank-you everyone we appreciate it

Denny K Shoopman Jr. - 9 September 2013

Billy Bear passed away this morning, wanted to know our friend is gone but will never be forgotten.

Angela Fry Harvey - 10 September 2013

Funeral Arrangements have been made for Billy "Bear" Harvey. There will be a Grave Site Service at 11:00 AM on Saturday 9/14/13 at: Mt Zion Baptist Church 449 Mount Zion RoadMount Olive, MS 39119

Angela Fry Harvey - 14 September 2013

Billy "Bear" Harvey has now been laid to rest... Jade & I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Both of us decided on the song to to be played at the end of his service... The one Denny Shoopman Jr. had posted on here. Fire & Rain by James Taylor. Keep us in your thoughts and may Jesus help you through all of your troubling times.

Denny K Shoopman Jr.: You will never be forgotten.

William Gary Boyles: RIP Billy Bear God Bless You Angela Fry Harvey & Jade Harvey !

Felicia Stroud Barela: What a great song to play for Bear. He will never be forgotten. Prayers for you and your daughter.

Keisha Keeon OOOMMMGGGGG!!!!! Tears!!! He will never be forgotten.

Magee Shell: You will be missed Billy

John Boisseau: RIP Bear!

Keesha Gordon: R.I.P.BEAR..angela ill keep u & jade n my thoughts n prayers.

Suzann Bond-Fowler: I am so sorry to hear that. He will be remembered. my thoughts are with you and your family.

Billy 'Bear' Harvey
1968 - 2013

Rest on in Peace, Bear.
You are missed dearly by so many.