Marjorie Alicia 'Lesa' Lipsey Washington

Marjorie Alicia 'Lesa' Lipsey Washington

February 18, 1967 - February 28, 2020

Marjorie 'Lesa' Lipsey was born into an Air Force family on February 18, 1967. In 1982, the family got stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany, where Lesa and her younger brother Robert, attended General H. H. Arnold High School. At the end of Lesa's junior year, they headed to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, where Lesa finished high school, graduating with the class of 1986 at Douglas High School in the small town of Box Elder, South Dakota.

Over the course of her four years in high school, Lesa was involved with a variety of activities, including playing soccer, particpating in the Biology Knowledge Bowl, Co-op work experience, the Student Council Association, the Black History Club, ROTC and she also held the position of Captain of the Drill Team at HH Arnold High.

Eventually, Lesa headed back to the Detroit, Michigan area, where she was from and made her home there. She started a family, with two daughters and a son. She worked in the health sector in the Detroit area, including with the City of Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, Detroit Health Care for the Homeless, Detroit Medical Center and the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Lesa attended Oakland Community College for a few years.

Lesa with her brother, Robert Lipsey

When Lesa was diagnosed with breast cancer, her extended family rallied around her and poured strength and love into every step of her courageous fight. They were there with her for the lows and highs, the setbacks and victories, of which there were many. Lesa documented her journey on her facebook account, as she flew back and forth between home and her cancer treatment center. She shared frustrations about her insurance company, how tired her radiation and chemo therapy treatments left her, how hard it was to watch her partner, Tamika, break down and cry for fear of losing her. And still she found the strength and will to be in the lives of so many people, to share, and update, to show love and support for others.

A special acknowledgement goes out to Lesa's partner in life and love, Tamika Mo Noland, who showed amazing strength and unwaivering support throughout Lesa's long struggle.

Lesa lost her battle with cancer on February 28, 2020, ten days after her 53rd birthday. The outpouring of grief, love and loss among Lesa's family and friends was never-ending. The pictures, the stories, the memories shared make it clear that this was a lady who was important to many people. Lesa's facebook page is worth a visit, as it shows just how surrounded with love she was to the end...

The path of your life
and the wake of your passing
have created ripples that know no shores.

Rest in Peace, Lesa.

Marjorie Alicia Lipsey Washington