The Official Wiesbaden Alumni Reunion

The Alumni Association hosts the official all-years reunion that takes place at the start of each decade in Wiesbaden. We work with the school and community leaders to create an opportunity for HH Arnold / WHS alumni to go back to the school, see the city of Wiesbaden, explore our old military installations, partake in the fantastic German cuisine of our youth, all while in the company of old and new friends who share our same background. It is an amazing experience.

The All-Years Stateside Official Reunion

At the mid-point of each decade, the Alumni Association hosts an all-years reunion in varying locations across the U.S. --this ensures that an all-years HH Arnold/ WHS reunion happens every five years, and provides an opportunity for alumni who can't make it to the Germany gathering. In 2015, we co-located with the DoDDs Teachers Reunion in Chicago and were welcomed as the first formal student group in attendance in their 30+ year history.

The Yearbook Archives - Scanning Project

Many years and lots of Warriors have had a hand in bringing about the digitized collection of yearbooks maintained by the Alumni Association. In 1997, we were given permission to borrow the school's collection for archiving. Since then, we've also added to the physical collection and receive the new books every year directly from the school. We're continuing our efforts to digitize all years in order to bring them to this site for all alumni to enjoy.

Warrior Artifact Buy-Back Program

The Alumni Association keeps an eye on sites like ebay and amazon in case Warrior artifacts pop up for sale out there. We also rely on alumni to alert us to items they find for sale. We buy back letterjackets, yearbooks, class rings, jerseys, officially licensed mascots and other items with a direct connection to our school. On rare occasions, we have been able to reunite alumni with their lost items. Occasionally, we sell what we find back into the Warrior community for exactly what we paid, and have gifted the occasional item when it was just the right thing to do.

World's Largest Warrior Database

The Warrior database began as a place to log in the names, class years and contact information of alumni over the years as people checked in. This was, of course, before the Internet, so in that respect, it was extremely important for finding people and planning reunions. The database's purpose has evolved over the years, becoming the place to check the status of classmates, as well as assist with locating alumni. For the last two decades, the database had roughly 10,000 entries in it. It is currently in the midst of a massive overhaul and is now over 17,000 entries and expanding.

Warrior Express Newsletters

Another instance of an evolving resource, the newsletter played an important roll in helping Warriors find each other, learn of news in the community, and advertise for reunions. Before the Internet, the newsletters ran several times a year and were one of the only sources of information a Warrior could find. These days, the newsletter comes out once every couple of years and showcases things of interest and aspects of our history that aren't widely known. We enjoy bringing the stories of our alumni to the greater Warrior community.

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The Center-Point for WHS Alumni

We continue to take steps to maintain a center-point for our Warrior community. The Internet has made it easier to find our old friends, and it has also led to a lot of different groups and sub-communities on various social media platforms all operating independently of each other and inadvertently creating a splintering effect. We continue to maintain the historical archives, the yearbook collection, the Warrior database, an independent online presence, a Warrior network, and a presence on other social platforms to help keep the community whole while individual alumni are doing their part to stay connected. As a community, we are more powerful together.

Whereabouts and Investigations

We frequently use all the resources at our disposal to try to locate missing Warriors. We use the Warrior database, social media, the Warrior network, Internet searches, and genealogy resources to get leads on what's become of our lost brothers and sisters. Many times, we've been able to reunite long-lost friends. Sometimes, we play a small part with one or two pieces of information that help someone on their reconnecting mission. And, many times, we've delivered the heartbreaking news that a missing Warrior or teacher has passed. We understand how important our Warrior friends are, and we do everything we can to help find them.

WHS Booster Club Spirit Wear

One of the newest initiatives we've launched is a partnership with the official WHS Booster Club. For years we've been after the Booster Club to see if we can buy Warrior gear online, and it finally happened! The first order consisted of us buying out all the stuff the Booster Club had left at the end of the school year. The second order consisted of a fellow Warrior, Connie, becoming the single Point of Contact, taking orders and payments from fellow Warriors and coordinating with our contact at the Booster Club. Both orders went well, so we're planning on another one soon. Contact us if you'd like to get in on the next order!


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Lyn Baskett Fort '76

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Lindy Hirschman Aleshire '88

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WHS Spirit Wear Coordinator
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Alumni Association Team
Warriors who have recently, or are currently, assisting with event planning, database entry, alumni community news, Warrior network duties, yearbook coordination, leads and investigations and/or proactive Honor Roll contributions.
Vicki Demarest Kanarr, '75
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Paul Moore, '67
Catherine Snyder, '71
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